Choosing to Live IN Order

Change is inevitable. Because the Motion of Cosmos Demands that you move with it. IN the Motion of Cosmic Order, the planets realise their Orbit around the Sun. IN the Motion of Cosmic Order, Terra has an Ordered place in space. Because of this place she is able to Express a Detail from her INNER, from the CORE of planet. This Expression is the Promise and Truth of her Potential. Our ordered place in Space is to live upon Terra. Our Ordered place in Space is the Right to Express ourselves, to bring forth our potential. The potential of Human RACE is the Ability to Create. Being Creator, is the Potential in humanity. Applying this Ability and thereby Expressing the Potential, forms Life.

We have Creative Power, but we also are Conscious Beings. Beings with a Will. In the potential to Create is the Truth of our Will. It means that IN our potential is the choice of what we create and how we create. How do we choose to create? What do we wish to create? What do we want Life to be? At this moment in Eternity or maybe at this moment in history, we can choose change. If we choose change, we realise our place in space and we realise that we are IN the Motion of Ordered Cosmos. Because this Motion IS the change of Life or is the fact that Life can change.

Choosing to move with the Order of Cosmos is choosing to move with the Light. It means you choose to be IN the Light. When Being IN the Light, your Being is enlightened to find the Potential in Being Human. It means that Light shines upon you and that hiding is over. Piece by piece will be Enlightened, by choosing to move in the Order of Cosmos. Piece by piece will be seen of your Right Identity and its Potential. This also means that you can see the false aspects of your Identity. It means you will see what does not move with the Order of Cosmos. And everything that is not IN the Motion of Cosmic Order, is not Ordered or True.

Choosing to change or choosing change, means you choose to Obey and Honour the Order of Cosmos. It entails that the disorder of your behaviour and choices will be Enlightened and that your Consciousness and Will will be Enlightened. It gives you Opportunity to see yourself and to see the Potential of this Self. It means you will see and become Conscious of the fact that the Ordered whole has a potential that you serve and that you Create. Choosing change is choosing to meet your True Self in the Ordered Reality of All Life, the Order of the Cosmic Motion.

© Ascending All

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