Choice of Humanity

What do we choose as Humanity? What is our Wish in Life?

The fact that one man can rule the world or an entire nation is possible in the Consciousness of Humanity and in the choices that have been made. Will has been given to realise power, to subdue Life in order to maintain oneself, or rather the idea one has about itself. Creative Power of Humanity has been used to hide. To hide the Light, to keep it for oneself. Used to hide the Principles and Laws, so what is not Right cannot be seen. We have chosen to hide.

But than the Age of Aquarius came. An Age to be visible. An Age to show Details. Hiding is no longer possible in the Right to Create and the Right to be Human.

Although this is Truthful for Aquarius, the consequences of choices and ages that have been, are very much present and alive. The choice to hide and to keep the Light for oneself, manifests competition. And eventually war. The competitive way of living has caused malformation of the human body, of the planetary body. It has caused malformation of the human mind and brain. It has not been used in its potential which causes disease and malformation, destruction and war.

Are we ready to show ourselves? Are we Willing to change the path of Humanity? The more Human RACE realises its Creativity in Right, the more Life and worldly events will show the Potential of this RACE. The more Humanity Awakens in itself, the more Willingness will rise to do GOOD, to do the Wish of INNER. It is up to us as Humanity, if a war in the east will only be a remnants of the past choices, or if it will be a disease that will cause disasters in the entire world.

Aquarius is here. The Age will show Details and will be the Giver of GOD in Humanity and of GOOD in Human choices. Will you follow the Potential of Aquarius and step into the Light, or do you choose to keep hiding?

The continuous Motion of Cosmos will not stop. To not cause a lot of harm, disease and pain, Humanity needs to choose to be a RACE that Creates in the Highest Power of her Ability. Human RACE needs to Awaken in its own potential and rise. Because when Details are seen, acknowledged and Blessed, competition stops.

All can rise in the Light, not one. All can Live in the Brightness of Light and the Abundance of Light IN Right. I Pray we WILL create this wonder, the wonder of HOPE and Glory in All.

© Ascending All

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