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Life is given in the Light and Command of Sirius. Realising NEW Impulses to make All Right and Righteous. Command of Sirius is Honoured in Birth Right and Active in Living the Promise of Heartbeat and Way. Terra receives the Right of ONE Birth, ONE Active Signal to make Life MORE and NEW. ONE Design and ONE Blueprint manifest a platform for Growth and for Details to Express. Receiving the initiation of Sirius to Express Blueprint, to Express Right Matter that Lives Ordered, is receiving Truth of Tree of Life and realising Living LAW. 

Obeying LAW is Obeying The Way for Life IN Communion. Communion is the Right to make Detail Shine and Seen. A Detail that is Seen is Able to Express Right and to learn in Ordered Teaching. Celebrating Communion or Celebrating Details in Right is Gift in Order, Gift in Cosmos. Cosmos is Enlightened by the Celebration of Life on Terra. Celebration of Terra in her Orbit and Spin. 

Welcome Maria in Order of Cosmos. Welcome in Matter to Express Sirius Blue. 

© Ascending All

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