Celebrate Aquarius

We Live in the Age of Aquarius to Celebrate Life. We Honour the Sign of Aquarius to Accelerate its Light and its Right. In the Power of LAW is the Order to make Aquarius Reality as physical form. LAW makes it possible that Light becomes Life, that Ordered White Fire can be formed into Creation. The Order in White Fire is the Right and Power of Government. LAW Directs this Power into the Material circumstances and into the Light of Sun, Moon and Terra. The Opportunity to Create Righteous is given to RACE in every moment of Life. The Living Promise of Terra is IN Order. The Living Power of Terra her Crown is in the Expansion of her CORE. This Expansion is created in the Creative Will of Human RACE. RACE is able to create in Order, to create in Obedience to LAW. Doing so Multiplies White Fire because Order is Present in White Fire.

To realise the Aquarian Creation and to realise the Promised Destiny of Aquarius, Human RACE is creative IN Opportunity of LAW and Order. Within this Opportunity it is Right to receive Teachings and to manifest the Ordered Expression of Wish or CORE. Teaching is an instrument given to realise NEW insights and NEW abilities in the Consciousness and Awareness of Human RACE. By learning we can discover and explore the Abilities of our Human Way. Being Human is Being Creative and Being able to learn in Creativity. The Age of Aquarius is the Age of the Teachings, because Aquarius is the start of a new Zodiac cycle. In the start of a new cycle, Teachings are needed to give form to a new expression and to fulfil the Righteous change of Destiny.

Destiny Lives in the Power of Creative Human RACE. Destiny Lives in The Way to come forth as ONE RACE in ONE Ordered Will. This Will is teachable. This Will is Ordered in the Power of LAW and in the Order of Government Present in White Fire. Which means Governmental Power is Present in CORE of RACE, Present in the CORE of every Human Being. The Order of Government within CORE is the Order needed to Root upon Terra and to make Life MORE. Rooting in Terra gives Opportunity to Create Ordered and to create therefore in the Powerful Geometry of Maltese Cross. Rooting is making Way for Healing and Acceleration. Rooting is making Way for the Truth of Human Being that Lives to serve Order and to Celebrate Life.

© Ascending All

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