Bright Violet

The Brightness of a Violet day is unlike any other day. The Brightness of Violet touches all Elements and all Elementals. Therefore we celebrate the Violet Light once a month to give Right to Violet and to let Violet Truth touch our CORE and our Cells and Atoms. The touch of Violet is the Truth of the Violet planet that meets planet Terra. It is the encouragement to Express the INNER and to Honour the Dream of the Aquarian Age. Honouring the Dream of ONE Way, Way of CORE, is Honouring the Truth and Power of the INNER Order. This is the Order of White Fire.

When the Order of White Fire is Honoured, Freedom can be formed. Violet touches us to Live IN this Purpose and to Direct the Light of Sun within this Destiny. Destined Light will be the Living Truth of the Aquarian Age. Destined Light will be the formation of Aquarius here on Terra. Violet is a Gift to fulfil the Destiny of Terra and of RACE in ONE United Right. Receive the Gift of Violet Bright in the Willingness to serve the Order of CORE, the Order of White Fire. Receive the Brightness of this day that is unlike any other day and manifest the Colourful Truth of Details. Details are the realised form IN Free Will, IN Freedom. Details are the realised formations of Aquarian Constellation, Directed to be Free Sun Light and Free Reflection.

© Ascending All

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