Beginning of Life

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The Big Bang theory is a theory. It is seen by scientists and it is acknowledged by science as a possible truth of the beginning of Life as we know it on earth and as we see it in Cosmos. But, what truly is the Beginning of Life? Aren’t we all curious about that? Don’t we all search for answers on this question? We do. What is the Beginning of Life?

‘In the Beginning was the Word and the Word was GOD’, the Bible states. Word has a Source, it needs to be given by a consciousness. Which means there is another beginning. The Profound Truth of Life is that she is Alive in the Original Heartbeat of Cosmos. This Beat is the Pulsating Power of Cosmic Order, showing the movement in Cosmos that is seen as a Motion around one singular point. This Motion is Life and forms Life. This Motion is the Reality of Living in the Beat of Order, in the Pulsatic Truth. The Beginning of Life is a Pulse. In fact a big bang can be seen as a pulse. A Flash of Light, Motion thus. And waves that make Sound. Which means the Word indeed is formed in the Beginning, in the Pulse.

The Pulse that Begins Life, that IS Beginning of Life, is the Original Source of our Life on Terra. This Pulse is an Active Desire in the Ancient Womb. It is the Desire for Motion, for MORE, for progress and Expansion. It is the Desire that makes Eternity Eternal. In Ancient Womb Life Begins in the Pulse of Truth. This Pulse starts Life from the Desire of the Original Light to be Active, to be Motion itself. ONE Pulse started Creation. ONE Pulse made two polarities, namely the Desire to be Active and the Activity or Motion itself that came into existence because of this Desire. These two polarities are Original Light and the Motion of Light. These two polarities are Alpha and Omega in our current Consciousness. But in fact the Pulse of the Beginning in Ancient Womb is beyond Alpha and Omega.

Can we connect to this Pulse? Can we connect to the Beginning of Life in Ancient Womb? Yes. We can. Are we Willing to do so is the next question. Well, this question is a bit more difficult to answer. It is yes and no. We can connect to the Pulse in Ancient Womb, to our Original Beginning of Life, when we choose to do so. When we are Freely and Truly able to make this choice to find the Origin of Life as it is given in the Womb of our Ancient Life. Or rather, of our Life that is made from Ancient Light of the Origin.

© Ascending All

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