Aware in Creativity

Do we realise that we create? Are we Aware of our Creative Power? Humanity is hardly Aware of its own Creativity and thus of the enormous impact RACE has on Life, on Nature. We do not realise that our choices have an impact on the All and on Allness. We are able to create Wholeness if we choose to create Order and IN White Fire. Which means we choose to Create IN the Origin and express ourselves from this Origin in which Order is given. Manifesting Life as an Ordered Whole and Living the Direction of Sun means to Create according to this Direction and in the wish of the Original Beginning of Life. Human RACE has an enormous potential.

The Power to Create is the Power to make Life, which is an enormous Power and a response ability as well. This states we are able to respond on the Light, on White Fire, on Order. We are able to respond and therefore we can create with White Fire Order and realise a creation IN this Order. To become Aware of the potential and Opportunity of Being Human, both Consciousness and Awareness need to grow. Teachings are given to Teach the CORE of Human RACE. To give this CORE Expression and Expansion, to make CORE an Ordered Life. With the potential to create comes the ability to learn. Which means Teaching is given for Human RACE specifically. A Teaching that is Designed for Human Beings. To Lovingly support RACE to be Creative IN Order, to be Creative from CORE.

Life today is created in our choices, in our will. But it is created unaware of this fact. Of the most Natural fact of Human Life. Because the fact that Human Being is Creative and can Create, is the Nature of Being Human. We are not Aware of our Nature, of our Abilities from CORE. We are learning to become MORE in our Creative Power and Wish. We are learning to reach the potential that is IN CORE Present. The Order of White Fire is in CORE and the Order of LAW in Aquarius is given to the CORE, to the inner. To invite this inner to Express itself and to be form of Life. Order invites us to be Aware and Conscious of our Natural Ability to make Life and to make Life Beautiful.

© Ascending All

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