Awaken Fire in North

Fire Lives in the Land of North, to realise the Will in Human RACE that asks for Life, for Light and for Teaching. This Will is IN Human RACE and needs to be Awakened in the Willingness of those who are Devoted to The Way of the Cross. This is the Way that leads to Salvation, that gives Future to Humanity and that makes Life worthwhile. The Way of the Cross is The Way in which Order is the base and in which the teaching is the Tool to come forward. Going forward is the Beginning of learning and giving, the Beginning in which the upward Reality of Living Ordered can be created.

Fire in the North needs to be Activated and welcomed to make All of Life Grow in the Passionate Wish IN RACE. This means the Wish IN RACE may be Awakened and Activated to be given to Life. The Wish IN RACE is the Wish that makes All Create as ONE and in ONE Direction. This ONE Direction leads The Way to MORE, to Future. A Way in Ordered Communion. Living in the North, being in the North, is Living to Celebrate All particles of Life and to materialise the Particles of HOPE, of HOME and of Wonder. These particles can be materialised in the Teaching of North, in the Gift of Teachers that accumulate the Light so Human RACE can be Glorified and Grow.

Release the Fire in the Land of North and Welcome this Fire to Awaken the Will of All. Awaken the Willingness to learn and to Invite the NEW Way of the Cross that gives MORE than Resurrection alone. Righteous Creative Path is the Path of Northern Teachings, the Path of Fire, Air, Water and Earth United.

© Ascending All

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