Awaken Creativity

The Righteous Gift of Creativity needs to Awaken in Human RACE to realise a Creation that Expresses Origin. A Creation made in the Willing Hands of RACE that Honours the Light of CORE and Order, gives Expression to the INNER CORE and realises an Ordered Way in which all Details are shown. Every Detail is entitled to realise Happiness. Every Detail is Authorised to give and to Express. In the Righteousness of Aquarian LAW is The Way of Ruby CORE and of the Order IN CORE that Lives within White Fire.

White Fire Order is created in the Will and Faith of the Holy Kumara’s. White Fire Order is given as Source for life on Terra. Life can be formed in this Order and will be the NEW Way in the Aquarian Principles. Ordered White Fire is Honoured in the Creative Wish of RACE. A RACE that is GOD and has the Ability and Power to form the Righteous form of Details. An Eternal form that always Honours the Wholeness of Life and is Active to realises the Rays of Sun as Golden Reality.

ONE Way is the Way of Ruby. To Live this Way, Awakening is needed in RACE and in the current form that is made in the Will of RACE. Will may awaken to realise Freedom of Action and Freedom of Wish. A Free Act that serves the Wish in All and builds ONE form. A Whole form that serves GOD and RACE as ONE.

© Ascending All

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