Ask for HOPE

The product of HOPE is Glory. Creating IN HOPE and on the Path of HOPE gives the Reality of a form that is Glorious. It means the form, Creation, Glorifies its Creator. And therefore Life is Worthy for Human Being, for the ONE Creating Life. When Human RACE Creates IN HOPE, IN the Motion of Ordered Cosmos, the Right of Living will be emphasized and Nourished by Terra. The Right to Live which is Right to Breathe and to Create, Reflects the Worth of INNER Human Being and shows the Worthiness of ONE Expression. The Power of HOPE means that Creation forms as Detailed Truth. The Detailed Identity of Human Being is visible in Creation when HOPE is Right and when HOPE is the Action in which Life is formed.

Glorious Life is Life that Glorifies its Creator. It Glorifies the Identity of GOD within Human RACE or Human Being. To manifest Life that emphasizes Worth, Detail, Order and Right, HOPE must be known or at least asked for. To begin with creating Life anew, HOPE must be asked for. Human RACE must be Willing to get to know HOPE. It means Human RACE is asking to get to know the NEW Age, the Aquarian Age in which HOPE is the base and the Radiant Truth. In Aquarius HOPE is the Promised Destiny. Simply said, when HOPE is the Promised Destiny, the Expression of Details is the Destiny. Life that Honours the Worthiness and thereby Comfort of Human Being, is the Destiny when HOPE is the Promised Destiny.

To change Life, to change Creation, ONE must ask for HOPE. ONE needs to be Willing to get acquainted with HOPE. How do we do this? It begins by welcoming change, by welcoming transformation. It begins by asking for MORE, or by realising that Life needs change. Ask for HOPE and you will get to know HOPE. The Aquarian Promise is a fact and the Destiny of Detailed Expression and Creation, begins IN HOPE and in the Willingness to be Creator that forms anew. Human RACE is Creator. Human RACE is GOD in Action from the Truth of HOPE.

Welcome the Power of HOPE by Rooting in Terra. Welcome the Principles of the Aquarian Age to change Life and to Begin Breathing IN HOPE.

© Ascending All

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