Ascension Day

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Ascend, Ascend

Make time your friend

Reveal, Reveal

Live Detailed Seal

All in Cosmos are Aligned with the Motion of Cosmic Order to realise itself as planet, as Star. Realising yourself is the First Principle of Ascension. The Wish to be Self, to be an Active Self in Motion of Cosmic Order, is the Wish that makes the First Principle of Ascension Reality. When you realise yourself, you Activate the Motion of Cosmos within this Self and you are able to move within the Ordered Truth of All Life. Life Begins in Order and this Beginning leads to the Eternity of Ending. Ending of Life means that Life is form, is a Detailed form that has shaped itself in the Motion of Cosmos. This Motion is Eternal, therefore the shape is Eternal and may change or transform in the Motion of Cosmic Order.

Eternal Truth of Life is the Truth of Motion and the Will to be IN Motion to show Self Eternally, to give Light IN Order. Ascension is the Truth of Motion, of Eternal Motion. The Spiralling Reality of Light IN Ascension is the Spiral created in the Wish to be Detailed, the Wish to be Active in the Motion of Cosmic Order. Order in Cosmos is Way for planets and Stars to Live and to Live Eternal. Details in Cosmos can Live Eternal because Order is the Beginning. Choosing to be IN Cosmos, is choosing to be IN Ordered Motion Alive. Aligning with this Motion is needed to make Ascension Real. Motion of Cosmic Order is the Gift of GOD Government. IN GOD Government is Ascension, IN GOD Government is the Will Right and the Wish Ordered.

Ascend Today to make Life NEW in the Order of GOD Government and in the Will to be a Wishful Human Being.

© Ascending All

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