Why Angels and Masters?

Angels serve Human RACE its Creative Ability. Creating in Equality with Nature ensures a certain Harmony in which Angels and Archangels can function. The function of Angels is to assist Human RACE while Creating NEW Life and NEW Way. Light of Angels keeps the Spirit high, literally. It is a supportive Light that embraces Humanity and Human Body to fulfil its task in creating Life.

Masters are the ones who have lived on Terra and have been creating within the Order of Cosmos. Realising the Ascending Spiral of Life. Because Human RACE and planet Terra need to be infused with the Ascending Spirals of Light before RACE can create this Eternally and Awake, Masters bring this inducement. Their Presence is a Light in the world that can only be found as soon as Human RACE starts to create the Spiralling Truth of Light and Life.

Both Angels and Masters have part in the Wholeness of Life, part in the Order of Cosmos.