Saturn’s Gift

Moon is Active in Saturn her Pride to give Tone in the Atomsphere and to make Harmony Reality in the Nature of Elements. All Life Lives in the Promise of Aquarius, the Promise to create Golden Future and Eternal Life. Aquarius is the Age of Freedom, because it is the Age of Living Eternal. Which means the Ability to Express the INNER is Free and Expression of Order is a fact. Freedom Exists in the Order of White Fire and in the Ordered Truth of Government. Freedom Lives in the Active Right to Create and to make All NEW.

Saturn gives Sound and the Light of the Buddha’s to Accelerate the Light of Terra and Nature. Acceleration of Light is done in the Tones of the Dhyani Buddha’s, realising Life in Free State. Every Tone gives Space to the Creative Power of Human Being, enabling Human Being to apply Creativity in the Promise of ONE Way. Way is filled with the Active Right to manifest Future, to manifest Eternity. Every Dhyani Buddha Lives to come forth in Peace, to come forth in Pure Tone. Peace is the Pure Tone of Order, the Pure Tone of one’s Wish. Living your Pure Tone is Being IN Peace and Being Able to give Free Expression of Ordered Truth in ONE Self.

Glorify the Active Right to Create and bring Saturn its Gift in the Order of your Wishful Creative Power.