Aquarius is Active

In the Acceleration of Light that is given because of the START of Aquarius, we realise the Union of Will and Wish. In this Union is the Power to create NEW and to renew Life as we know it. The physical circumstances in our Life are Actively touched by the Willingness to transform, by the Will to Live the NEW Age. Most important in this process is realising that Being Aware is needed to change Life, to change our Creative Actions. Light is Accelerated since the Beginning of the Aquarian Age. At first NEW impulses were given. Now Light of Aquarius is given and the Light that IS Present in Life is Accelerated to be able to change Life by bending this light anew.

Bending the Light means to Direct it with the Will to serve, the Will to Honour and with the Will IN Order and Right. Light Present in Creation is Accelerated in order to Direct it in the Principles of this Age, in the Principles of the Aquarian Destiny. Light can be Accelerated in the Activity of Terra her CORE and Wish of Human RACE to be connected to her CORE. As ONE CORE and ONE Wish/Will, Light in Creation is Accelerated. Acceleration of Light is the Beginning of NEW form, NEW Life.

It is Clear that Aquarius is Active today. Today marks the Reality of Aquarian Life, a day halfway the month April. April is the Gift of Announcement. In the Encouragement to bend Light anew and to Accelerate the Light of current Creation, the NEW is Announced. The Announcement IN Order of White Fire and IN the Governmental Right of GOD, announces the Gift of Light in Detail. Meaning the Detailed light is Announced in April, because Aquarius is Active now and Will Reign. Atoms and Cells are currently able to Direct themselves in their attention towards the Light of Aquarius, because the Acceleration of Light is at a such level that this is possible. The Way given in the Constellation of Aquarius is Way that makes All Life MORE and that Invites Details in the Principles of GOD Government.

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