Aquarius and Future

Light of the Ancient Days is given to realise the NEW Living Reality of the Order and LAW. LAW of Life gives to mandate and its Permission to realise the Living Aquarian Life in which the Details Shine to form a Rainbow Creation. This creation is the MORE of the Ancient and the MORE of the living Union of the Past. In the Celebration of Life, the Atoms are imprinted with the message to Unite and to be Alive in the Light of Sun and Moon. Atoms are Welcomed to come forth IN Light and IN Ordered Passion of Human Wish.

The Wish in RACE is the Wish to create, the Wish to form the Living Activity of Eternal Body. Terra is active and Present within the Wish of RACE to be the altar of Eternal Life, carrying and Nurturing the Wish IN RACE with the Perfect Way for ONE Living Tone. This Tone may be Creation and may form the Present. Able to give to Future. Aquarian Tone Sounds to make Future Real and to form the Present Day. The Present Day is the Future of the Ancient Days. All that has been in the Glory of the Light, will continue in the Glory of this Light. Light of Sun and Moon could be Multiplied in the Activity of Emerald in Design and in the Promise of this Design to make life Ordered and Whole.

Wholeness of Life  is the given Right to be Creative. Wholeness of Life is the Right to make All of Life NEW and to give Atoms the Message to Live United, Ordered and Present. To give of their Light in the Wish of RACE. ONE Way is The Way IN the Present, towards Future. Welcome Future in Right and Light. Welcome Future in the Promise of Living Light.

© Ascending All

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