Aquarian Tone in Terra

Life is the Expression of the precious and Beautiful Tone of Aquarius. Hearing the Tone makes ONE Awake  and ensures that Life will go forward and upward in the Motion of Order. Tone of Aquarius is given in the Constellation of Aquarius, in Cosmos. Tone Sounds to Awaken Humanity, to Awaken Terra and to Awaken other planets in our Solar System. With the Purpose to find a Way of Living that IS Righteous and that IS Happiness. A Way in which the Golden Flower of Cosmic Harmony and Symphony comes to pass in Creation.

Terra serves the entire Solar System, while she serves the Well Being of Human RACE. As Altar for Eternal Life she serves RACE and she is an Active part of Solar System. In Union with Venus she gives her Expressed Truth as Altar for the Flames in White Fire that are carried in RACE its CARE. The Purposeful Light IN Terra is the Light that gives Human RACE Destiny and Purpose, a Light that functions as guidance and Nurturance to Live THE WAY of the Maltese Cross. This is Way in which Geometry is the Expression and Ascension of Living and Creating.

Creating to form Ascension is Creating Geometry. Upon Terra Geometry is THE WAY of Living and Creating. Geometry is Present within her Purposeful Light, within her CORE. From the base of Geometrical Order, from Maltese Cross, Human RACE is able to receive her Purposeful Light and guidance. Which means Terra guides Humanity into the Ages, into the Tone of Aquarius. Tone of Aquarius is Active within Terra her CORE, she resonates with the Tone. Because she is willing to serve Cosmic Order and the Purpose of the Solar System that she is part of. She Honours the Whole and wishes to give Wholeness to Human RACE; to make ONE RACE the Wholeness of Existence and Expressing, of Creating.

The Beauty of the Tone of Aquarius comes to pass in the Ordered Expression of the Identity that gives Detailed Tone, that gives Detailed Wish. The Wish IN RACE is in Action in the Tone of Aquarius, in the Tone that gives Light Life in the Cosmic Order and Motion.

© Ascending All

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