Aquarian Harmony

The Aquarian Way is IN Light given to Accelerate the NEW Harmony of Sun and Moon. Human RACE is creative within this Harmony and within the Power to Live Eternal. Creating Eternal Life is possible in the Right and Light of Sun and Moon to BE Present in Human life. The Direction of Aquarius and the Destiny given in the Aquarian Age, comes forth within the Gift of Sun and Moon. In the Rhythm of their Presences and in the Motion of Cosmic Order, is Way for Human Life and Right of this Life. Human RACE has the Right to Live Eternal, because RACE has the Right to Create Eternity and to be Eternally Creative. Within the Power to Create is the Power to Live and the Right to Live.

The Activity of Sun Light is the Activity of the Aquarian Tone that Resonates within the Light. IN Light of Sun is the Aquarian Resonance to Empower Human RACE and planet Terra to Live the Reality of this Age. To Live the Promise and the HOPE of Aquarius. ONE Way is a Way of HOPE IN the Light, a Way that continues in the Right to learn and to Create. The Living Promise of Aquarius is the Act to Create and the Act to Learn. Learning is Equal to Loving, to Loving Life. This is the Truth of Creative Wish in Human RACE, which Reveals itself in the Age of Aquarius.

The Living NEW is the Aquarian Right and Light. The Living NEW is Created in the Will and Wish of RACE that forms Destiny for All. Aquarian Tone is in the Light and is IN the Creative Right. Creating gives Expression to the Tone of Aquarius and makes All Life Renew.

© Ascending All

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