Answers in Right of North

Receiving the answers on questions you ask is receiving the Light of Sun and Moon in Harmony. Within the Harmonious Truth of their Light and Right, the answers come to the surface and are realised within your entire physical system. Asking a question in Right, is asking this to the Light of our Existence, to the Light of the Teaching in North. The answer is received by the fact that Sun is received in North and that Sun has the ability to touch all of Humanity. Therefore the answers can be heard in all of humanity and entire Human RACE is touched by the Light in which we can all grow and learn.

Learning is walking the Path of Life while being focused in the North. Not only is the resonance of Aquarius a vibration in the Teachings and questions. The vibration of North is also Active in the Teachings and when the question is asked within his vibration, the answer can come even more easily. North is the giver of Teaching, of lessons in which RACE is able to be Creative. Northern Teachings give inspiration and expansion of Consciousness to realise NEW Creativity. Creativity in the Aquarian Sound and in the Will to Celebrate All of Life.

All of Life receives the Light of Sun and Moon. All of life is Active in the Harmonious Gift and interaction of Sun and Moon. The Willingness to learn is the Willingness to hear the Northern Truth and Tone. To hear where The Way leads you and where you will follow. It is your Right to follow Obediently, to follow IN Right of your Human Creativity. And to make Life MORE while learning, while asking, while Obeying and Praying.

© Ascending All

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