In April we focus our Light on the fact that we can create Life Beautifully. In order to realise this, we need to learn and we need to grow in consciousness. To change our actions we need to change our way of thinking. And our way of meeting with Life, with Nature. April is the month of the Announcement. This means that April shows us that in the announcement of Life and of Light, a Way is given to fulfil a Destiny. When a Wish is announced to be born, HOPE is given. When a Detail is announced to be Activated, HOPE is Enlightened and emphasised in this. Which means the announcement is a necessity if we choose to form HOPE. In announcing Life to be renewed or to be NEW, Spring can rise every year again. The season of Spring shows us that in the announcement there is Growth and Future.

The sacredness of April is in the fact that Life Blossoms. It is a sacred process that we witness when we see Nature blossom again after the cold and darkness of Winter. The reason this is possible is because the Blossoming Truth is announced in the Voice of GOD and in the Word and Wish of the Divine Mother. In the ability of the Divine Mother all Details can grow and rise as ONE Life, ONE Way in Destined Purpose. The Word or Prayer of Divine Mother always activates the Announcement when this is IN Right. GOD’s Voice gives the Announcement through the Power of Archangels, through the Power of this consciousness.

Contemplating the Right and Beauty of the announcement is the Gift of April. And the Reflection of April. We may receive the Way of HOPE in the announcing Truth of GOD and in the Wish of Nature.

© Ascending All

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