Announcement in Easter

April is the month of the announcement because in this month we will celebrate Easter. Easter is the festivity in which the Resurrection of Jesus is celebrated. But why is it of importance to think about this resurrection, when it is over 2000 years ago? What can it show us or teach us today?

At this moment in our human life and world, the choices of humanity are visible. We have chosen chaos, war and suffering. We are not realising that we create this ourselves or that chaos and war is active and in action because the choices of the past define our today. The collective human consciousness is on the threshold to awaken in the fact that creativity comes with response ability. The creative Wish inside of us comes with the Ability of our identity to respond to this wish. Being able to respond to the wish makes us able to realise something NEW. To realise Peace as a complete new way of living.

The Announcement of April means that NEW Life is announced because we are able to resurrect ourselves as One Life. As One human being, responsive to the INNER Wish. The Announcement that Life is to be born in the Power of Aquarius is the announcement that the past does not reign anymore in our today. In our present way of living, breathing, thinking and acting. Realising this to the fullest makes us able to Resurrect the Aquarian Right, Light and Flame. Resurrecting this Flame gives all of humanity a Destiny in One Direction and a Purpose in One Love.

Let us realise that Life is NEW and that we are responsive to the Wish of our INNER. Let us Resurrect in the announcement of Life that is Free from the past choices and actions.

© Ascending All

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