Prophecy of Aquarius

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Principles of the Aquarian Age are given to realise NEW Life with the Light of CORE of Terra. The Age of Aquarius is the prophecy of HOPE and of Resurrection of Life. A Prophecy that Lives in the Righteous Activity of Humanity and in the Right to create. The Order of Aquarius, the Order that is Ignited within the Aquarian Constellation, gives Nature Elements the Signature in which HOPE can be formed. Forming the Aquarian Right and Principles as Life is forming the Promise of Aquarius. This Promise can be formed because of the Act of LAW, the Order in LAW given. Every Wish in Humanity can be given as Light and can be formed as Ordered Life. It is an Expression of the Perfect Wish, of the Perfection of a Detail. All Wishes in Humanity can be formed in Truth and Right, because Aquarius is the Age that makes Wishes come true. In the sense that Humanity may form from the INNER Right and Order, from the CORE. CORE in Humanity is the ONE of Unification of Wish and Direction. The Direction IN Humanity is the Direction of Alpha. Receiving this Direction was needed to be able to realise the Aquarian Truth as Life, as Living Reality.

Delphi is the site where the Alpha Direction can be received. Because Delphi is reactivated in her Power and Right, the Direction is received again. Humanity can Live according to this Direction now and form the Perfection of Life in the Geometry of ONE Way and Expression. ONE Expression is the Expressed ONE within, the Expressed Direction. It means Life is the Reflection of the Direction, Life is the Wishes given to the Order of LAW. Because it is given to Order of LAW, it can be Life and will realise itself as Life from the Origin. White Fire Order is the Origin, Honoured already in Ancient Times and by the Ancients of Days. Kumaras made Terra with the Order of White Fire and with the Direction in Alpha. Terra is formed to be the Reflection of this Direction, to show the Ages and to show the Eternal Truth of Life as a Living planetary body. A body that Breathes in Cosmic Order, that breathes as Future, because it is made from the Ancient Truth of Order, of White Fire in Perfection of Wish formed as creation, as Mother.

© Ascending All

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