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Sri Lanka Retreat
From Wednesday 18 February 2015
To Sunday 01 March 2015

Sri Lanka, a journey IN Spirit to Awaken Comfort 



Mura and Esther booked a trip to Sri Lanka, from February 18 till March 1st. Sri Lanka is the home of the Raya Maha, Holy Spirit. In the home of Holy Spirit the Comfort Flame is Alive.  

The following Invitation is written for this trip on February 11. It is an Invitation to all to listen to the Inner Call of your Individual Flame. During the trip we all are invited to meditate upon our Origin:   

Sri Lanka, a journey of eleven days  

"It is not I, Raya Maha, who has invited you to come. It is your Inner, your Flame, who invites you to come HOME.  

It is at this moment that the Inner, the Spirit, of the Whole of Humanity invites All to come HOME and find Nature. It is your Flame who calls you to be devoted to yourself and to listen to the Impulses within, where the Voice of Spirit inspires you.   

I greatly encourage you to be devoted to the Flame within, the Inner Original YOU, during this journey. Amongst all the outer activities it is of importance to realise meditation techniques as much as possible in Order to hear the Call of your Individual Flame and receive its Invitation to Live. In so doing you will attune the inner and the outer, realising the proper balance in which you can grow.  

The Flame of your Origin asks to be materialised and with this Goal you journey to the Inner Retreat of your Flame, which is the Retreat of the Spirit. You have the opportunity to come HOME in the Devotion to your Flame and VOW, in the Honouring of Life as a Whole.  

In your Devotion is the Key to Unite East and West, to Unite South and North and realise the Equilibrium of the Crystal Design for Life. Being Devoted to the Inner, to the Flame, and Multiplying its Light in your Actions, is realising the Wholeness of Life in the Body. You use your body as the Sacred Tool it is, namely to Multiply the Original Flame in you. Honouring matter is Honouring Spirit. Honouring your Purpose is being Devoted to your Flame and realising the Spirit in Matter.  

You are about to set foot on an Island of Great Wonders, seen from the Inner I. Realise your footsteps as a Path of Fire, the Path of your Individual Flame. I will walk the Path with you and will bring Inspiration along The Way.  

The Retreat of your Inner Heart Flame is open to realise HOME in the Devotion to your Self as God. I, Raya Maha, welcome you to the Ordered Heartbeat of Sri Lanka and the Ordered Heartbeat of the Altar of Life where your Flame Lives. The Inner will be the Strength to realise Comfort, the Inner IS the Reality of Living EARTH."  

On the Airport 

On Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Mura and Esther prepared for their flight with Betty and Isabel. In the night of February 18 to 19 the NEW Moon would come, the Moon of Comfort. The Immaculate Moon was almost fulfilled while these four women where at the Airport. 

In the Power of the Immaculate Moon the Mantle of Christ is fulfilled in itself. Jesus realised this Mantle in his Resurrection. Resurrection was possible because his mother, Mother Mary, was holding the Immaculate Vision for him from the moment he was conceived. After his Resurrection she has been holding the Immaculate Vision so All could become Christ and fulfil the Goal of the Piscean Age, which is the Oneness of Father and Son. In Christ the Oneness of Father and Son IS.  

Jesus said The Comforter will come after me. In the Fulfilling of the Immaculate Moon, the Beginning of Comfort is given by the NEW Moon. In the Age of Aquarius we will materialise Spirit as the Comforter. 

The Four women present were standing in the centre of four pillars of the building of Schiphol Airport, when Mother Mary gave her Word to close the Immaculate Moon and start the Journey to Comfort:  

Mother Mary – Four Pillars of Truth

"Realise within the Pillars of Truth, Breath that is given to All. 

Realise, in the sense that you receive within your Awareness and within your Consciousness, the Union of the Four Pillars of Truth which are Whole and which are Realised, Materialised because of One of these Pillars which is Me. 

I AM the Power of the Immaculate Vision and I therefore have Realised the Union of Three of the Pillars of Truth, the Awakening, the Resurrection and the Ascension. 

In My I and in My EYE the Realisation, the Manifestation of the Truth of Christ in its Pure and Simple Nature, is given.  

I therefore have come to the Completion of My Mission as it is Promised to the World of today. The World of today is in the Honouring of Christ a Celebration of the Immaculate Vision. Therefore I feel Grateful. I feel that the Immaculate Vision that I AM, that the Pillar of Truth that I AM, is Celebrated within the Hearts of Humanity. Every Heart Lives and beats within the Rhythm of the Immaculate Order and it is Realised because I have given of the fullness of My Promise because I have been Honouring Humanity all along. 

I gave Birth to My Son Christ and now the Human in Unity is born within My Immaculate Vision. The Pillars of Truth, Four Pillars, are therefore Manifest within this World, given in the Poles of North and South, East and West. In the Union of these Four Poles, the planet which is Terra, is fulfilling her Mission, her Mission which lives in the Truth of the Four Pillars, the Four Poles. In the Union of these Four is the Realisation for every Man, for every Woman and for every Child to BE the Living Christ, meaning that the Mantle of Christ will be Multiplied as the Chrystal Realisation of Matter, which is the Realisation of every Detailed Flame. 

The Promise is Living within every Heart that lives within the Immaculate Order. Every Heart is Alive within the Rhythm of the Immaculate Vision. 

I AM the Immaculate and I Live the Immaculate Order. I AM the Pillar of Truth that has Realised Awakening, Resurrection and Ascension. I AM Honoured. I AM Honoured today because the World is Awakened, because the World is Resurrected, as the Human, as Christ. And because this World as the Planet in the Union of Poles, is in Ascension. 

I AM Grateful and I AM Honoured and I will serve you For Ever More."  

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